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Had some bloodwork done a while back before starting treatment for anxiety and adhd, and was just looking at the results now. I don't know who looked at the results, but noone mentioned them at any later point and I assume they were just checking for thyroid and iron levels etc that can show as depression, lethargy, etc. Questions about the other results inside.

Looking now I see a few things just outside the reference ranges, mainly in terms of inflammation and infection, and I wonder if I should talk to a regular doctor about it. The things that are outside the ranges are as follows:
Albumin 34 g/L, CRP 3 mg/L, Basophil .2 x10(9)/L, Eosinophil .4 x10(9)/L
MCV and MCH each at the bottom reference value.

I know this is very little information but I am wondering if it's even worth going to the trouble of talking to a doc about it and thought I would check just in case it's a resounding yes. Even though I mention anxiety I am not particularly anxious about this, but thought it worth an ask. I have been listless and tired for years but assumed it is to do with my mood and concentration issues plus lack of exercise.
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Did they test for Vitamin D?
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IANAD but I do look at haematology results all day long. Lower MCV and MCH could signal a developing iron deficiency even if your haemoglobin was still within normal range. Did you have your iron and ferritin levels checked? Those eosinophil and basophil numbers would be normal in my lab; with such a small increase, and an isolated occurrence, if they were my own results I wouldn't be too worried. Could be mild inflammation or allergy; you could have been fighting off a cold that day. However I always think it's worth following up with your GP if only to reassure yourself. They will probably repeat the tests in a few months' time.
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A one-time test cannot really give you much information. A series of tests over time, showing overall trends and averages, is much more useful. If you are worried, schedule an appointment with someone to talk about these results in the context of your overall health, and ask if you should repeat the tests any time soon.

Just had some bloodwork done too, and promptly diagnosed myself (with the help of Dr. Google, that anxiety-inducing bastard) with diabetes and a failing liver. My PCP reassured me that I was nowhere near either of those conditions, and scheduled me for follow-up tests in a few months.

Maybe you have a health hotline available to you (through your insurance?) A chat with a nurse might provide some insight.
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