Hosting options for my Ghost blog?
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Looking for simple hosting for my niche blog with low costs per month. Thanks.


I used AWS (EC2) a few months ago but recently I encountered some errors so I'd like to move to a new host. Looking around there's a few recommendations for sites but they seem to have too many options. I'd like it to be compatible with Ghost since I'm the most familiar with it. Also I don't plan to use much storage as it'll be mostly text with a few visitors weekly. The cheapest plan I had found was approx $10/month but I feel like there could more places that I'm not aware of yet. Thanks.
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It sounds like the pricing model is exactly what you want. Looking at the front page of the site, it looks like they support node.js which seems to be what Ghost runs on. Drawbacks: it's very DIY, not a lot of handholding from customer support.
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Heroku can host a node app. If you don't mind your app "sleeping" (some requests to your site will be delayed while it "wakes up"), hosting can be free. Digital Ocean also has 5$/month servers. I've used both and they're solid and great.

Nearly Free Speech is good as well, although I have a feeling that deploying node code there will be more of a hassle as it's an older platform / that's not their main focus. I think that they're better suited for static site deployments, but I might be wrong.
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If you don't mind adminning your own server, I'm currently running my web presence on a €2.99 (less than US$3.50) quad core ARM server, 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD, from Scaleway, running Ubuntu. They also have a similarly priced Intel solution now. I went to it because my $10/month US based VM didn't have enough RAM to compile some stuff.
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Seconding vert canard on Digital Ocean. They have a one-click deploy option for Ghost, so migrating may be as easy as backing up your blog and importing it to the new deployment. I don't think it keeps the theme though. With minimal research, you can usually find a $10 credit for new users.

I run a Ghost blog with similar traffic on one of their $5/month servers and have never run into capacity/speed issues. I previously used NearlyFreeSpeech, and it was cheaper, but there was a lot more manual work involved.
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Yes, digital ocean.
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