Place to store luggage near SF airport?
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I am flying into San Francisco (SFO) airport early morning on Monday next week and have an entire day to sight-see before heading to Sunnyvale for work meetings next day. I would love to go see the Golden Bridge from the airport, however, I will have my luggage with me and it would be great if i could store it somewhere for about 6-8 hours and then pick it up on my way to Sunnyvale. Is this realistic and/or reasonable? This will be my first time visiting SF. Are there any recommendations where I can leave my stuff securely for a day? Thank you for your suggestions!
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Best answer: Can I store luggage at the airport?

Baggage storage is exclusively available at the Airport Travel Agency, located on the Departures/Ticketing Level of the International Terminal, near the entrance to Gates G91-G102. The Airport Travel Agency is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. No reservations are required for baggage storage. All baggage is x-rayed prior to storage. Rates are assessed per each 24 hour period that an article is in storage (articles in storage for less than 24 hours will be subject to the 24 hour rate), and vary according to the size of the object. Please contact the Airport Travel Agency at 650.877.0422 or for additional information.

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I've left luggage at hotels in the past - a $5 bill to the bellboy as you ask them to check your bags for the day will usually bypass any rules about "for hotel guests only."
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Here's their actual website.

I'm chiming in to say I've actually used them before. They're really tucked away in a corner of the international terminal. It is easy to miss them but keep looking, they are there. Not cheap (about $35 to store your luggage) but if you need them, then you need them.
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Do you drive? Getting to the bridge via transit is kind of a PITA and, honestly, once you are there, there is not that much to see other than an orange bridge and a nice view. So if you do plan on renting a car anyways / like driving ok, I would probably just rent a car, take a nice drive up (via 19th Ave, through Golden Gate Park and the Presidio), go over the bridge and then take in the view from the lookout on the Marin side. That way you can take your luggage and have an easier view adventure.

(If you want to do other stuff in the city where parking is a pain and luggage less-safe, this might not be a great plan, but if you plan to rent a car to get to Sunnyvale and just want to see the bridge, it could be pretty nice.)
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Depending on your luggage you could also ship to Sunnyvale and only take a backpack or small bag with you on the plane. That would maximize your time seeing San Francisco.
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