How do we Trump Trump?
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What tools do we need to effectively motivate the low propensity dems this year? For those who think we will fare better under a HRC presidency than a Trump presidency, I think the general theory of this years election is to turn out the low propensity voters. (Voter reg being important as well.) I live in PA FWIW and am part of a labor organization so have access to resources and people.

From polling so far, it seems like the low propensity voters are particularly unmotivated this year by HRC, compared with Obama in 08, for example.

I suspect there are some different pockets of people---some who are Bernie supporters, some who don't want to vote for a woman, not jazzed by another establishment politician, think Hillary is not trustworthy, etc.

Does anyone have any data on what motivates these people? We know that connecting with peoples' issue is important, but do we want to lean more heavily here on how ridiculous Trump is? Or is it a matter of demonstrating some of HRC's highpoints? What's the prevailing wisdom?
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This is just a thought, but... if you can't get them excited for HRC, maybe try getting them excited for the downticket races?

I'm not sure how you would do it, but it might be worth pointing out that 88% of Congress is up for re-election this year - the same Congress that has been trying to repeal Obamacare, shut down Planned Parenthood, and basically refusing to do its actual job.
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The absolute experts in this subject--in terms of experience, access to data, and resources--are the people working for the Hillary campaign. I'm sure they'd be willing to assist you and your organization in answering & acting on this question.
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I agree that excitement has a lot to do with the process. Relatability does as well. People don't want to participate in something that isn't enthralling and won't affect their own lives.

Even though a presidency affects everyone, there must be a perception in the individual voter that their vote will mean something and will also help impact the things they care about. I may like information technology, for instance, so it could be good for me to see that the candidate(s) care about investment in STEM or broadband internet.

Then your question may become: how do you spread the word about those issues and get people excited? Many apps and websites can get you the info, though I can't speak to their ease of use. How to get people on their feet in November? I'd love to hear suggestions.
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Supreme Court Supreme Court Supreme Court Supreme Court Supreme Court

If there's an issue that a given voter cares about, there's almost certainly a Supreme Court decision that affects it, and likely one that went 5-4 on party lines. With the tiebreaking seat currently vacant, the next president and Senate will decide the Court's balance for years -- decades if another seat or two opens up. This is especially important since the gridlock in Congress is increasingly leaving big decisions to the Court (or to executive action that will soon be reviewed by the Court). A liberal Court, which we have not seen in decades, will be transformational, regardless of who controls the White House or Congress later on.

This lengthy Reddit comment lists and describes fifteen recent damaging 5-4 decisions on issues as diverse as campaign finance, class-action lawsuits, pollution controls, pay discrimination, voting rights, and much more, along with eight more positive 5-4 decisions on stuff like same-sex marriage and fair housing that are in danger of being overturned. Memorize this list along with other touchstones like abortion rights and healthcare reform and gun control and be ready to raise the relevant case to any voter with a pet issue who thinks Clinton isn't exciting enough.

(And if they doubt Clinton's picks would be better than Trump's, inform them that half of the current liberal wing was appointed by her more conservative husband in the more conservative 90s, including arch-liberal Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Trump, meanwhile, is filling his list of nominees with names from the right-wing Heritage Foundation.)
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The prevailing wisdom is to accept that the opinions we do not share are just as valid as ours. I think it's a fallacy to believe that all the people who vote for Trump do so because they're stupid, they're ignorant, or are prejudiced. And this idea that people make a certain choice because they don't know any better is extremely off-putting. This partly explains why most Brits chose to leave the EU against the more "enlightened" advise of those leaders.

And so therefore I think the question shouldn't be how to trump Trump, because you can't, but how to get folks enthusiastic about Hillary (and good luck with that!) Join her Campaign.
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Nthing that the campaign is the best place to go for this. You want to talk to a local, regional or statewide organizer to get the most out of your time.
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