Tivo modem replacement
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Where can I get a replacement modem for my Tivo?
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Best answer: Google + tivo "replacement modem" + I feel lucky = http://www.weaknees.com/modem_fix.php
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One other option is to migrate to a wireless adapter if you have an existing home network.
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9th Tee has been selling such parts (both replacement modems and network cards) for a long time and has a pretty good reputation, as far as I can tell.

Is there no discussion on this over at PVRBlog? This Matt dude or sumptin seems to write about this kinda thing sometimes...
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I can vouch for both Weaknees and 9th Tee. 9th Tee were first to market, but they both are reliable. If you have a Series 2, you can probably just connect via your home network using USB for a lower cost solution.
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I bought an internal network card for my series 1 TiVo from 9thTee. Installation was easy, card worked great with my existing network.

I now have a Series2 TiVo and I second the suggestion of using a (wired or wireless) USB to network adapter.
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