Help me identify this projection slide format!
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TL;DR: I'm trying to replace the mounts on slides from the late 60's with outside dimensions of 50mm x 50mm inner dimension of 30.8mm x 30.8mm. What is this format?

I'm restoring artwork created in 1968. One element of this work is projected slides. The slide mounts/frames are cardboard that has been damaged by moisture and are delaminating, although the film itself is in good shape. I'm trying to find replacements, but the slide dimensions seem to be a little oddball.

The outside dimensions of the slides are 50mm x 50mm (standard 2"x2"). The visible portion of the slide, however, is about 30.8mm x 30.8mm. I can't find any standards that match this; the only square format I can find is the "super slide", but that's 40mm x 40mm.

Can anyone recognize this format, or better yet recommend a source for replacement mounts?
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It's likely to be Kodak's "Instamatic" (aka "126") from the '60s, that window is 26.5mm square.

Googling for "KODAK 126 INSTAMATIC READY-MOUNTS 268 2X2 SLIDE MOUNTS " might turn up some new-old-stock....
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Yeah, very likely it's 126.
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Response by poster: 126 is supposed to have a significantly smaller window (26.5 vs 30.8). Do actual, physical 126 mounts have the larger 30.8 window?

Additional information: the film inside is 1.5" x 1.33" (38.1 x 33.9).
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Sounds like either 828 or 127 half frame. Take a look here:

See also:
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