Experience with Z-Health?
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Does anyone on MeFi have experience with the Z-Health system? I've used the Goog, there are only a few reviews around the web, and nothing recent.

I'm approaching this from a layperson perspective, just a guy who likes to do a variety of movement practices (martial arts, yoga, weights, cycling) and wants to heal/prevent injury and improve strength and mobility. I can see Z-Health-certified folks locally, but thought I'd first start with their training DVDs.


Any feedback will be helpful.
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I would say that anyone who bills himself as a "doctor" but who does not list his degree-granting institution - and who then is revealed to be a chiropractor (which is not the same thing) after some extensive online searching - probably does not have your best interests in mind, especially when their program is structured like a pyramid scheme. Anyone who has a "doctor of" anything granted from an institution of education (including for-profit "universities" that don't actually require you to do anything more than pay them for your paper) can call themselves a "doctor" -- I'm a doctor, but you would not want to take advice about weightlifting and/or nutrition from me, I promise you. The man who runs Z-Health is misrepresenting himself when he calls himself "Dr. Cobb," and this would give me great pause were I considering taking what is essentially medical advice from him.

You'd be better off going with something like Starting Strength and working out by yourself without buying into something that seems suspiciously close to charlatan-sold snake-oil.
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I agree with the above 100%. Look at the "Courses" page, with its multiple tiers and increasing costs. The words sound like something I'd hear in an infomercial or read in a SkyMall catalog.

Your time and money would be better spent elsewhere.

tl;dr: pizacrap.
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Response by poster: Thank you sockermom and herrdocktor.

Can anyone who has actual experience using Z-Health weigh in?


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