Crowdsourced Snopes?
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I really appreciate the work done by the people over at Snopes and other fact-checkers. So often when I see a dubious meme rolling through my Facebook feed, I just google the text and find that Snopes has already covered the meme. This makes it easy for me to debunk many of the ridiculous (and often highly offensive) memes I'm confronted with on a daily basis.

While Snopes is great, they don't cover everything, and I often find myself performing time-consuming 'original' research in order to refute false claims that I consider to be harmful.

Is there something like snopes that's more real-time and/or possibly crowd-sourced? On the one hand, it would be great to be able to find already-compiled and sourced refutations of newly-published articles and claims, and it would also be great to be able to share the fruits of my research labor relating to articles, memes and claims that no one had touched yet.
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Do the forums at Snopes no longer exist/do this?
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Do the forums at Snopes no longer exist/do this?

They do.
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Have you seen - That's Nonsense, Hoax Slayer or That's Fake?
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For the sake of completeness, there's Skeptics Stack Exchange but it's usually pretty lame.
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There's the Straight Dope message boards.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I'm working my way through the list of suggestions, starting with the Snopes forums.

I think the concept could be implemented and organized so much better than as a long list of forums built with an outdated forum system. So, while the Snopes forums look useful, they're a pain (for me) to navigate and search through. Here's to hoping that one of the other options mentioned is better thought out.
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