Educational DVDs for use in homeless case management
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What are some good sources of educational/workshop-type DVDs for use in teaching homeless clients life skills?

Our current methodologies for teaching life skills includes a video segment in addition to instruction and interactive exercises; unfortunately, our video library is woefully out of date and incomplete. I'm looking for newer Spanish and English DVDs covering topics such as general nutrition, money management, accessing community resources, renter rights and responsibilities, budgeting, self esteem/confidence, energy conservation, and house keeping skills. If possible, I'd like to have the formats be similar (in addition to being interesting and well-produced), so a company that offers all or most of these topics would be great to know of. Thanks.
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Some of these topics would recieve woefully inadequate coverage by watching a DVD.
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Response by poster: "Some of these topics would recieve woefully inadequate coverage by watching a DVD." kidding. But good visuals appeal to some learning styles, which is part of why we are incorporating them in addition to other teaching methods. With limited resources and a dirth of world-class instructors who'll work for free, we do what we can.
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I'll forward the question to my brother, who used to work in exactly your field, but until I hear back from him, a suggestion: Perhaps there is a market niche here that your organization could fill by making and distributing these videos? With the low cost and ease of consumer-grade digital video products and software, it is not outside the realm of possibility for even a modestly funded outfit. For even less cost, look into contacting local video production companies, TV stations, and schools/colleges with video production classes and see if they would be willing to loan/rent you their equipment/facilities/expertise. You could even try to get your clients involved in the writing/production/distribution of the videos. Good luck, and if you post your email in your profile, I'll get back to you even if this question has been locked by the time I hear from my Bro.
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