Have you had the Stretta procedure for LPR (aka "silent" reflux)?
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If you did, how did it go? Are you better / the same / worse than before you had the procedure? How long did it take before you saw what you consider 'final' results?

I have already read all the stuff on the Stretta website . I have consulted Dr. Jamie Koufman , silent reflux expert, in person. I have spoken briefly with Dr. Noar, one of the pioneers of this technique that is touted as a proven non-invasive technique, which is good if you need to have a more serious procedure later should this one fail. (They now have 10-year data showing that it is effective to some degree in the 80? 85% of people it works for).

But although there's a Facebook group about this, most of those people participating are people who have mostly not had success with the technique, or just question its success for LPR/atypical reflux.

I asked both Dr. Koufman and Dr. Noar's office for referrals to people who have had this procedure for LPR (although admittedly I haven't pushed that hard), but they said that it was not easy to get patients to want to talk to people they don't know.

So I am curious whether anyone here in the green-land has had it for LPR and how that went.

Thanks mefiters. : )
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I haven't had this procedure, but I found a link to this study from the Wikipedia page on Stretta that suggests it's less effective than laparoscopic surgery: http://www.cghjournal.org/article/S1542-3565(14)01504-3/abstract
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Response by poster: Yes, there have been a number of studies, including that one. I think there's a rebuttal? to that evidence as well, but can't seem to find it outside of ResearchGate (so you have to sign up to see what they said in response). Anyway, I've read a lot of them; still want to see if I can gather any anecdotal evidence from actual LPR patients. Thx!
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