Excuse me sir, have you seen my spectacles?
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Where can I get pretty glasses in London?

I'm travelling to London soon (yay!!) and I love the glasses I see on British instagram/fashion bloggers. Would anyone happen to know where to go to look for pretty hipster glasses?

As a side question, for those who know London well, what are your favourite places to visit? I like scenery, history, and comfortable locations (i.e. no loud noises or harsh winds please).
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Oh oh I can answer this! After spending literally months finding my husband's perfect glasses (he is very picky): this place.

Also here (the Marylebone branch isn't open on weekends, but their other branches are).
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Seconding spex in the city!
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I ordered online from Adam Simmonds, who has a London store. I was really happy with their advice, service level and price.
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