Short Trip to LA: Uber/Lyft or rent a car?
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I'll be in LA from about 11am Sun to 9pm Mon. My plan was to crash at one of the airport hotels since I'm only there 1 night. I have a meeting out in the Covina/Duarte area most of the day Monday. Should I rent a car or just do the Uber/Lyft thing?

I'm tempted to rent a car Sunday to hit Manhattan Beach, go to my meeting Monday & drop it off at the airport late afternoonish before my night flight.

What is the best route to get from LAX out to Duarte? Will traffic be hideous or will I be going against the grain?
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This Monday? The 4th of July?

This 4th Of July Weekend Will Have The Worst Traffic Since 2002

The last place I'd want to be this weekend around the beaches and LAX is behind the wheel of a car, but beware of Uber surge pricing. I know that departing Santa Monica, all taxis charge a flat rate to/from to the airport (~$35.) Check if Manhattan Beach or other cities have the same deal; it may be cheaper than Uber.

Also, FYI: security at LAX has been stepped up in anticipation of the increase in travelers—which is expecting 1.2 million people passing through— so if you have a flight out of the airport this weekend, make sure to leave plenty of time.
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On the plus side, you couldn't ask for more perfect coastal weather so you'll have a good time no matter what.
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Best answer: I've had pretty good experiences taking the FlyAway bus to Union Station and then transferring to the Gold Line. The new rail extension should take you pretty close to where you want to go.
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Best answer: The San Bernardino Metrolink line stops in Covina and the new Foothill Good Line extension stops in Duarte. You can buy tickets for both at Union Station in DTLA.
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And you can get from LAX to Union Station on the FlyAway, as rocketbadger said.
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Best answer: If you rent car, the easiest way to Duarte is:
South on Sepulveda
105 east
605 north

Cabs are going to be much more expensive than a car rental.
Consider Hermosa Beach. It is just south of Manhattan Beach. South on Sepulveda, Right on Pier.
July 4 weekend only: Turn right on Monterey and you will find a church where the youth group is selling parking spaces for $20. It's about a 4 block walk to the pier, the bars, and the beach
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! It will be next week, not tomorrow. Unless the fires creep much closer. :/
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