Suggestions for Wall-Mounting a 40" RCA Flatscreen?
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I just moved into my gf's cozy apartment. The only place to mount my tv is above the bedroom's French doors. This should be doable but I wanted to talk it through before ordering the right mount and I'd very much like to do this right.

My concerns:

1. The only stud above the French doors is right at the center. The TV isn't all that heavy, but I'll definitely want to fasten the mount to the stud while getting as much weight distribution across the wall as possible.

2. We're mounting this pretty high up there and will be watching from bed, so a mount with some play in terms of tilting would be ideal.

3. We'd both really, really prefer that this not fall down, either unexpectedly or expectedly. It's be great if it just stayed up there until we chose to take it down. We both agree on this.

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If you have one stud plus a few fancy wall anchors it should be fine. One stud should be enough to hold the entire weight of the TV.

I like these kind of wall anchors; they are rated to 85lbs and they're removable, but they leave a finger sized hole in the wall when removed.

What kind of wall mount are you using? You might avoid mounts with significant cantilever.

How heavy is your TV? 20lbs? 40lbs?
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A single stud, if utilized correctly, will be more than suffiecient to hang your TV from. I do not recommend using wall anchors as there are far too many factors involved and they won't give you the security of the stud.

There are plenty of articulating wall mounts that can be used to fit your needs, however if you are concerned about using the single stud, you can always use a ceiling mount. Depending on your ceiling height, you should be able to conceal it with the body of the TV and it will be more secure than a wall mount.
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Response by poster: About 20 lbs, yeah. So I guess then I should be fine with this?
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Yes, that would work provided that is your TV it is calling for. Otherwise there are plenty of similar mounts for that size TV on the market.
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We have a 40" Sharp LCD HDTV. It's on a $30 wall mount I picked up at Costco. It's secured to a single stud inside the wall. It has been up for about 3-4 years now and hasn't fallen down.
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Best answer: Navelgazer, the mounting holes on the back of some TVs are really weird. If that a mount that you link to is made for your tv then go for it, if not you should skip it.

If your TV is a RCA LED40C45RQ it looks like your TV has VESA mounting holes..

Your TV does or probably does have VESA mount holes and you can buy a generic mount that will fit VESA mount holes. You might check out this mount, it's cheap and has excellent reviews, and the mounting plate for the wall is vertical so you can get all the screws into the stud.
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Response by poster: My TV is indeed an RCA LED40C45RQ.
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