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I've been a web developer for 14 years and am now a real estate broker. I've swapped my super-powerful MacBook Pro for an iPad Pro. My needs aren't as intense but is there anything I'm missing? Tips wanted.

I went to the Apple Store today looking for a MacBook Air (first I accidentally walked into the Microsoft store and they were not helpful AT ALL), but ended up with a 12.9" iPad Pro and a Logitech keyboard case. I've been setting up and using the iPP for the last few hours and it seems to be pretty cool. I like being able to swap between the pen and the keyboard and touching the screen. My first priority was something lightweight that I can take everywhere.

The needs for my job can be served by Mail, iCal, and Contacts. Also some proprietary web interfaces we use - I haven't encountered Flash yet, but realize it might be there somewhere (at which point I'd switch to another machine for that function).

What might I be missing as a MacBook Pro/vanilla iPad user? What are the advantages to this sweet new toy I have?
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If you work with PDFs at all, run—do not walk—to the App Store, and there obtain for yourself copies of PDF Expert and Scanner Pro. The former makes the experience of viewing and marking up PDFs so much better than it is anywhere else (including Adobe's own software) that it's actually transformative, and the latter is just unbelievably handy.
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Funny you ended up in the Microsoft Store. A Surface Pro would probably be better suited to your needs. I've seen more than one regional MLS website that doesn't work in anything but IE or works poorly in other browsers, not to mention all the Windows-only pieces of software people have a maddening tendency to make you use for various things. (Although the software thing is far more prevalent in realtor-adjacent work like appraisal)

There are also a fair number of PC convertibles that are slightly bulkier than an iPad Pro or Surface that are essentially laptops with a screen that swivels around to make it a tablet. I like them because I can never get the keyboard cases and tablet kickstand in an arrangement I find anywhere near as ergonomic as a laptop.

If you do look into other options, you want something with an actual pen digitizer (preferably Wacom) in addition to the capacitive screen rather than something that uses a capacitive stylus. Big bonus points if it supports Miracast or similar so you can mirror your screen on a TV HDMI output is reasonable, but wires are something of a drag. And no, to my mind it doesn't count if you need a dongle. Dongles are just one more thing to get lost or broken, IMO.
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If you're posting listings, the corrections that full blown Lightroom can do, particularly correcting the distortions that wide angle lenses add, can make the photos emensely more appealing.

I don't know about the iPad Pro, but my mini will sometimes have to reload tabs in Safari (rather than caching them in memory) if I switch to another app then switch back. This can play havok on some web apps. The pro has more RAM and is more multitasking centric, so this may not be an issue for you.
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There are some third party browsers for iOS that can run Flash. I can't vouch for any of them having never used them, but they seem to be popular enough. Just checking the App Store shows Photon topping the Utilites category. Puffin has a free version that might be useful.

You have a ton of options for photo and video editing. I really like using Snapseed for photos and iMovie for videos (although I've been dabbling with LumaFX and LumaClip lately). Adobe's mobile apps are showing some promise.
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for example: the redfin app won't open though it does on my phone at the same time. what causes this?
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If you still do any web related stuff, it's always handy to have an ssh client (I use Prompt), and a text editor (I use Textastic).
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