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So, it looks like my Maine taxes did not get filed (or "accepted"). I filed through Tax Act, but see no documentation from that they actually charged me or submitted my taxes (I do have the accepted notice from the Feds, and we're all square with them). I discovered this because we owe the state money and have been patiently waiting for them to contact me with the payment agreement as they have in years past. I don't think they yet realize we have not filed or paid. What happens now?
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Call the Taxpayer Advocate (207-624-9649) and explain what happened.
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You could just submit them now and see what they tell you to do. You might owe some interest and fines. They'll tell you what they think you owe them. They won't figure it out on their own for years.
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Submit them now, to get it done asap. Enclose a letter explaining what happened and ask them to let you now how to proceed. It's Maine, the bureaucrats are mostly nice people.
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