How to present back-and-forth movement on a resume?
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I worked at a place for around two years, then decided to try a new kind of job at a different place. This experiment did not quite work, the job was a poor fit for me, and I was let go after about a year. My original place has hired me back part-time to do part of my old job while I look for something more permanent, which is great! But I'm not sure how to present all of this on a resume.

The way I have it now basically says that I had an important-sounding job with lots of responsibility at Place # 1 from 2013-2015, then a different job at Place # 2 from 2015-2016, then clearly a much less important job at Place # 1 from May 2016 onward. To me, that seems to really obviously indicate that something went awry. Is there a better way for me to organize this?
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Can you phrase it along the lines of, "Place #1: 2013-2015 FTE as $JobTitle, 2016 Part-Time Advisory-based Position" without too much further detail about the more recent job title/role?
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May and June 2016 is not enough time at a job to make it work noting on a resume where other positions were for years and not months, in my opinion.

If asked about the "gap" in your resume, I'd just tell them you're freelancing or consulting at the first company while you look for other work. I like the phrase "advisory position" or "in an advisory capacity" for this. Though I still probably wouldn't list it on your resume unless this drags on for several more months.
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There is something to be gained by properly explaining that Place #1 wanted you back, even after you left for Place #2. It shows that you were truly valuable to Place #1.

"I left Place #1 to pursue another opportunity with Place #2. While I learned from that, it eventually didn't work out for either of us. Place #1 valued my skills and abilities, and were happy to have me work with them again, but naturally, they had already filled the position I previously occupied."
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