Campaign button needed
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Please help me find this old campaign button

I have been looking for this old Richard Nixon campaign button forever with no luck. Does anyone know where I might find it or should I just resign myself to never owning one?
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I understand the desire to have "the real thing", but why not just make one? It doesn't look like something that could really be verified as an original Richard Nixon Campaign Pin.

A website like this can do the job relatively inexpensively. (no endorsement of website or Richard Nixon implied. The website is the first one I found that does 6" buttons)
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How much work are you willing to put into this? It looks like there aren't that many of these around, but they're also not so sought after that you need to be wealthy to get one. You can see a better picture of the larger button, accompanied by several smaller buttons from the Cornell Library. It looks like the smaller buttons pop up slightly more often in online sales. Ultimately, though, you're probably going to have to call around to a bunch of dealers if you want to track one of these down. A lot of the collections of these sort of things aren't online, they're in some hobbyist's basement, and if you put it around that you're looking for a specific item and are willing to pay decent money for it, you might get some bites. The American Political Items Collectors might be a good place to start looking.
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I'm willing to put a moderate amount of work into it. I love oddball political items, especially things that were official campaign items, as this seems to be (at least according to one site I saw, and which is why I want an original...I'm not planning on wearing it or anything). I kind of thought it might be hard to find, but I wasn't sure if there was any place I should be looking that I was missing. I guess I'll just keep checking the various auction sites and flea markets when I go to them. Thanks! :)
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