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I wanted to invest a small amount of money I have lying around into now cheap DAX-Stocks. But I only want to invest in those that got the biggest discount going due to the Brexit, so I don't want to simply buy a DAX-etf. Is there an easy way to get the stock prices of all 30 DAX-Stocks of the last 5 days in a nice .csv or .xml file? Or do I have to manually copy-paste this info? This is also something I want to know for the future, so I can play analyst a little bit. Thanks!
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"now cheap" -I think you might need a better definition for that than "down a few percent post brexit"

Just google for on-line stock screeners. or get a list of SEDOLs from the DAX website and use that query google finance for the prices since last week. The Mneumonics to do that are findable w/ google.
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But I only want to invest in those that got the biggest discount going due to the Brexit

No you don't, you want to invest in the ones with the biggest *inaccurate* discount due to the Brexit. A 50% discount on something that's genuinely worth 50% less is not a discount at all. That's not something any automated tool can just spit out in a CSV file. As to what those are, sites like The Street have analysts that will try to tell you who to buy at a smart discount. I might even believe some of their theories (GE, Disney), but if you're not coming into this knowing what you think fair valuation after an event like this is and want to buy specific stocks, you're just gambling.

To answer your question a little more, Yahoo Finance has a biggest losses feature in their stock center and most brokers like Ameritrade can generate lists of stock based on criteria you feed them.
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If you do this, keep in mind that you're competing against vast, unemotional computer algorithm farms that are better informed than you, have cheaper access to the markets, and are armed with deeper pockets. If there's an arbitrage opportunity, you're likely to be taking the sucker's side of the bet.

Of course, if your plan is to buy and hold (for say 5+ years), and you're just looking to buy cheaper than last week, that's totally reasonable. If you have free cash to deploy for the long term, now's (maybe) the time to do it.
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