Looking for casters with a small base
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I have a c table (like this) with a tubular metal base. I'd like to put casters on it, ideally vintage/antique looking dark colored ones. The metal tubes is 1" in diameter with no existing holes or mounting options. I've seen lovely stem-type casters but assume there is no way of attaching them. Any advice or ideas of what might work?
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I'd probably drill holes and find casters with stems long enough to attach with a nut. Aside from that there's really not any option.
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you need tube adapters for threaded stem casters or stem adapters for regular stem casters.
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Those aren't gonna work without open tubes, which, going by his picture, he won't have on his table
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A beautiful table! was thinking that if you dont plan on wheeling that baby around all over the house, maybe using a crazy strong glue (epoxy?) like JB weld and small plate casters might do the trick? Or if you really want to go for it, possibly welding might work?
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A friend just searched like crazy for specialty casters, and ended up dealing with these and spoke highly of them (though not cheap). Give their customer service a shout and explain the problem, and I bet they will have ideas.
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