How can I cheaply repair this curb damage on the fender?
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Whoops... had a bit of a scrape this morning: I can simply buy some touch up paint and paint over this? Or are there other steps I should take to make this better? It's about the width of a dollar bill.
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Whoops, forgot to link the URL. Here it is:
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Don't just paint over it. Sand the area nice and smooth with 220 grit sandpaper. Try to get rid of most of that black and red stuff, whatever it is (paint scraped off a curb?). If any bare metal results, apply metal primer to those spots. Then the touch up (spray) paint, several thin coats.
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I would try using a buffer and buff it out first. Not sure what you hit, but I would bet against it being the curb.
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Try to get rid of most of that black and red stuff, whatever it is

Looks to me like the red stuff is paint picked up from whatever you scraped, and the black stuff is the plastic of your bumper with your car's paint gouged completely off it. Sanding to remove the red stuff and smooth out the scrape before spraying will get you a much less noticeable patch job.

If you're not already practised in the art of touch-up spraying, practise making nice thin coats on some random piece of scrap metal before attacking your car. Your coats want to be thin enough that you can still see the underlying black plastic showing through after two of them.

YouTube is, as ever, invaluable.
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First thing I would do here is hit that with a Scotch-Brite pad and see what comes off. Some denatured alcohol to ease the process wouldn't hurt.

The white surface is your car is plastic there, correct?
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before you do anything else, carefully rub the area with a damp cloth or a magic eraser. That looks like it's more something smeared on the bumper than actual damage. After you've cleared it off, you probably have less damage than you think. You could probably touch that up with a small color match touch up brush.
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Some answers to some questions:

1) It was definitely a red curb
2) I'm pretty sure this is all plastic in the fender
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Could have been worse.
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I have used Dupli-Color PS100 Prep Grease and Wax Remover Prep Spray using a soft cloth to remove paint and other oddities. This stuff should reveal the actual scratches underneath without damaging the clear coat.

I have also used Meguiar's Smooth Surface Clay Kit.

I'll have to try the magic eraser.
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