Looking for decent PHP-based (or hosted) web forum software
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I'm looking for good, open-source PHP forum / message board software. Or a straightforward hosted solution.

I'm an experienced LAMP developer, so I don't mind mucking around on the command line to set up databases, install packages, etc.

But I do want something simple, modern (e.g., actively maintained and built with modern development practices), secure, and easily skinnable.

Specific features I'm after:
  • Standard forum hierarchy / structure (a list of broadly thematic forums, each containing a list of threads on specific topics, each containing a paged, chronological list of posts)
  • Support for responsive themes (ideally, support for completely custom HTML/CSS/JS, via a good templating engine)
  • Easy moderation (deleting comments or threads, blocking problematic users, etc.)
  • Preferably not too many features beyond these basics – lightweight is good
I know that PHPbb powers a shit-ton of forum sites, but I wonder if it satisfies my "modern" criterion. Every PHPbb site I see looks like a relic from 1998.

I'm also aware of bbPress. The forum site I'm building will be associated with a WordPress site, so maybe there's some advantage to be gained there. I'm not really a fan of WordPress' spaghetti-like development philosophy and amateurish ecosystem, so that gives me a little pause – but I'd consider bbPress if folks say that it's easy to set up and maintain.

Like I said, I'd also consider a hosted option, if there's one that folks recommend. I just don't know much about that area.

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I should add: I do not need comment threading. It's fine if a platform supports it, as long as I can turn it off.
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Are you dead set on PHP? Because Discourse might work out for you.

I'll take flak for this, but I also think that "uses PHP" and "is actively maintained and built with modern development practices" might be mutually exclusive at this point, at least when it comes to forum software.
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I'd anti-recommend bbPress; it's a very lightweight forum that is clunky to administer. Maybe check out Simple Machines Forum? Their Responsive Curves theme was first developed a year ago, last updated a few months ago, which is probably close enough to "actively developed" for your purposes.
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Vanilla is modern, php and os
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Vanilla is what I ended up picking when I went looking for forum software that meets similar requirements. It has its warts, but it feels so much more modern and usable than phpBB.
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