where are entrepreneurship critics?
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Where are the cliques/clutches/coven of people with critical perspectives on entrepreneurship, particularly social enterprise?

I can't complete my PhD in the UK because I don't have the right visa at this time. I thought of doing a knowledge transfer fellowship but it would have to be through a company even if I self-funded it. I am trying to be an independent practitioner but I realise I need links. I tried JISC's social enterprise list and it is very slow moving. A bulletin board, a blogroll, anything.
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Hacker News

It is US-centric, but a few of the prominent people there are in the UK. It is not focused on social enterprise specifically, but it is a high traffic forum with a large user base and YC is branching out into doing more non profit oriented stuff. You would need to put in some effort to make it serve your goals, but it might have some value for you.
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hmmm. not sure HN is going to be "critical" in the way OP is asking - best to just look and see i guess. this interface may be more pleasant to use.
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HN is the opposite of what I was thinking of. It's not really that it's not what I am looking for, it's just that the conversations are not always on the one topic of entrepreneurship. Think entrepreneurship theory and practice not just startup theory and practice, which is in many ways vastly and extraordinarily different from entrepreneurship.
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It's not quite clear to me what disciplinary focus you're targeting. For example, are you looking for critiques from the social sciences, like Nikolas Rose's work on enterprise as an individualist value distributed through modes of neoliberal governance? If so, typing his name + enterprise in scholar.google.com will lead you down that particular trail.
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I wish I could suggest a specific blog, but all I have is some possible search terms. Look for blogs on critical development studies -- as the name suggests, critical of international development orthodoxies. It is a broader topic than social enterprise, but should scratch the itch.
Evgeny Morozov's research is also in this line, but from the tech side of things.
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