Flickering Laptop Screen
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I have a Lenovo Ideapad that is approaching 2 years old. It's been a pretty good computer and has held up fairly well, but over the last month the screen has started flickering in many positions that aren't just straight up and down. E.g. if I'm on a couch and it's in my lap, the screen may flicker if I adjust my legs. If I have it resting at a an angle to write in bed, the screen tends to flicker any time it moves, until I can get it into a relatively stable position. Is this fixable, and if not, how much longer is my laptop for the world?
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This happened to me with my Lenovo thinkpad at about two years. I took it to the repair shop and they told me that the wires that carry data to the monitor have to connect to it through the hinges, and sometimes come lose. It was easy to fix, for a trained technician. Since it was not the same kind of machine you have, it may not be the same thing, but I think you should take it in.
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Probably a worn or loose ribbon cable between the screen and logic board. It flexes every time you open the screen. I used to fix laptops years ago and it was fixable then. I'm sure it's fixable now. It would be an inexpensive part but pretty labor intensive.

If it were my laptop I'd attempt it myself. You'd need tiny screwdrivers and would have to be comfortable with tiny things, really tight-fitting parts, and difficult-to-remove cases. I'm sure you can find a service manual somewhere out there or a guide on YouTube.

If you're not up for fixing it yourself, it might be best to find a mom-and-pop place that will be willing to replace the cable. A Lenovo authorized service center might want to replace the whole screen or something.
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It's probobly the wire. Id do it myself, it really isn't hard but it does take patience and a good foundation in computers. The ribbon cable is either loose or needs to be replaced. It's not hard to replace, but you would need the exact length of cable for a good fit.

Your laptop manual will explain how. But if it's not your thing, that's okay. It should be an inexpensive repair.
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I've reconnected the screen wire on my Thinkpad several times. It's not too hard if you're comfortable with that sort of thing. You can find procedures for this on the internet, if you search around. A pro would be able to do it in about five minutes, if indeed that is the problem. It certainly sounds like that's the problem—it sounds like a loose connection of some sort anyway, and that cable is your most likely culprit by far.
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You didn't offer it as an option so you're not comfortable enough to DIY. It's likely to be an easy fix for someone with the skills & experience. Take it into a shop, they'll do the repair everybody's describing above & you should get a few more years out of it.
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