We want to ride our bicycles!
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A group I'm involved in wants to track how many kilometres are travelled by bike/walking over the summer (rather than driven in a car.) If it's possible, we're looking for a way to track this on our website. So I ride 5k to a group event, I can pop online and add my 5k to our group tally. Maybe there's a graphic representation of our progress?

If none exists, we can just set up a bulletin board and ask folks to write in their kms once a week. But is there a fancy web widget that can do this for us? I don't even know the key words to google to find such a group tracker.

Thanks for your suggestions!
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Daily Mile Groups
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Our workplace recently used lovetoride.net as part of a local bike-to-work challenge, but it looks like you can just register a workplace and have everyone join. Folks with phone apps could upload their miles automatically, or you could just enter miles when convenient.
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If all of you are willing to use Strava, then you can create a Club that you all join and use an embedded widget on your website.. You can log activities manually, or you can use their phone apps/etc to track the distance by turning it on when you start.
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Strava can be used from smartphones and you can create groups - it's made for this. It also gives you a bunch of summary data (hours and distance traveled, by week - and visualized, too).

But another way you could do it would be to have people log their miles with google forms, and then just use the raw data to make graphic representations.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Turns out Daily Ride isn't allowing the creation of new groups. Strava looked really good, but I think a bit too many bells and whistles for our demographic.

I ended up making a google sheet with two questions on the "Name" and "Kilometres." A few minutes figuring out the graphs in google sheets and I embedded both the form and the graph on our website. Bob's your uncle!

Thanks again for the suggestions.
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