Looking for a nice Minecraft PE Let's Play
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I'd like to watch some Minecraft PE (not regular Minecraft) let's play videos with decent production values that aren't narrated by 12 yearolds and/or super silly. Are there any?

My search on Youtube brought up a bunch, but all the early results Youtube is returning seem to be narrated by 12 yearolds and/or super silly and/or poor production values. I used to like Paul Soares Jr., and Far Lands or Bust - nice calm narration. Even the early Yogscast videos. But those are for regular minecraft, I'd prefer one for PE, which I recently started playing.

Already saw this question, about non-twitchy let's play videos, which provided some good links but I didn't find the right fit there.

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Paul Soares Jr is my favorite, too, so I hear where you are coming from. (Not PE, but have you been following his current 1.9/1.10 series? It's the best yet and he's currently recording it.)

The only PE (I assume you mean Pocket Edition; not sure what else that would mean) that I know of that isn't totally horrible would be what Dan (The Diamond Minecart) does, but it's only occasionally PE. Yes, he is geared to pre-teens and early teens, but it's tolerable for adults, as well.
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Response by poster: Thanks TinWhistle. I did manage to finally find one - after sitting through a lot of annoying introductions. This one is pretty good, and the narrator is adult, and calm, and fairly entertaining and also fairly educational: Good Minecraft PE Let's Play.

There are only 9 episodes though.
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