Yosemite when Obama is visiting
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We're going to Yosemite this weekend - and so is Obama. Where should we go to avoid crowds and closed areas?

We've had a trip planned to Yosemite this weekend for a while. We live in the bay area, so we would consider rescheduling, except that Mrs. unix's grandmother is flying in from out of town to go with us. Her grandmother is up for short hikes up to three miles as long as it's relatively flat. She's never been to Yosemite before, and neither has Mrs. unix.

We're staying in Fish Camp, just south of Yosemite. Should we consider driving to King's Canyon National Park instead? Is there anyplace that's less likely to be crowded, and/or anyplace we should avoid?
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I would reschedule. We visited Hawaii when President Obama was there, and whole visitor attractions were closed to the public from hours before his visit to hours afterward. It was a pain.
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I second rescheduling. I happened to be flying into Miami at the same time as President Obama, and it was a nightmare. We wound up circling long enough for a mid-air refueling before finally having to detour to Palm Beach. Do not recommend.
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The problem with Presidential visits anywhere is that for security they won't announce exact timing. I've been stuck getting in/out of my street when they visit town. They'll give rough timing "morning", "afternoon", but it will be difficult to plan where to be when. Check the local media and see if the visit will be worthwhile. http://www.sierrastar.com/2016/06/16/79474/yosemite-prepares-for-presidential.html
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I would avoid the area entirely.
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I would cancel this - Yosemite roads are going to be snarled for miles with any kind of closures or backups. The Valley is a mess without anything going on.

The Hoover Wilderness Area borders Yosemite and has great hikes with fewer crowds. Bridgeport is a good place to make your base: http://sierrawild.gov/wilderness/hoover.
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Kings canyon is also lovely, or you could go to Sequoia, or Muir Woods...I would definitely plan to not be in Yosemite this weekend. Sorry...I give you permission to make "Thanks Obama" jokes all weekend.
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If you're going to go over Tioga Pass (which is in Yosemite and which you would be going over to get to Bridgeport/Hoover Wilderness area), you should go check out the Ansel Adams Wilderness area (borders Yosemite on the south and east). You would also be close to Devils Postpile National Monument which is pretty interesting.

There is a trail that starts from Mosquito Flats and goes up Little Lakes Valley -- a chain of lakes. The trail starts over 10,000', but is very flat and extremely scenic.

Another alternative would be to go up to Lake Tahoe and hike in Desolation Wilderness. That is pretty awesome too.
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When you are researching look at Grant Grove. Officially it's part of Kings Canyon Park but it's an hour closer than Kings Canyon.
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