Is my ipod fried?
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DeadIpodFilter: My ipod I just bought 2 weeks ago is dead, 4th Gen. 30gb. I am just sick and deflated and destroyed. My power blinked off this morning and I know that has to be the culprit because it was working fine last night. Is this the end of it? Are it's insides fried?....more inside

Do I just take it to the genius bar? Is there a way to reboot it myself? Has anyone else experienced this type of thing with their ipod? Can it be fixed?
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Is it under warrantee?
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Best answer: Have you tried Resetting It?
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go to the apple store. tell 'em what happened. they fixed mine in jif by resetting it. i've had to do it once since then myself. good luck.
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Breathe in, breathe out- it's still under warranty, so you should be fine. Don't mention to them that your power blinked- just say it stopped working. They will fix or replace it.
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I'm under the impression that a "power blink" isn't likely to do damage to the electronics especially when they aren't plugged directly into the wall (My lights blink all the time). If there was a transformer between it and the wall or it was plugged in via USB I'm betting you just need a reset.
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Have you tried to reset it yourself?

Second the others, too. You are under warranty. If it's dead, you should be able to get a new one.
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I've had similar problems with my 4th gen 20G that I've had since last March. Here (apologies for the self link to my blog) was my solution, which I do not recommend in any way, shape or form.
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I had the same problem with my 3rd gen and Thorzdad's tip is what saved me.
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Response by poster: willnot....merci beaucoup....your link worked and all is well and i sit listenting to friend....thank you...

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Best answer: Jamie, in case you didn't know (and you're still reading a thread you've posted a best answer to), in the time you've had that iPod, the iTunes Music Store has added most of XTC's catalog, plus Andy's "Fuzzy Warbles." There's even a new single available!
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Response by poster: kimota.....u sound sexy....and i am appreiating the advise as drunk as i may be....but a friend with your taste in music is always welcome...jamie...i will check itunes for recent availability for xtc....way stooned n drunk at the moment....can comminicatge better in the a.m.

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Response by poster: cool guy
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