Stores for stylish mens dress shirts in NYC
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I am looking to upgrade my work shirts but would also like to be a bit more fashionable. I am looking for a few smaller stores in NYC to check out. Brooklyn / off the beaten path is fine. I am pretty sure I know about all the department stores and chain stores already. I work in financial services and typically wear a suit or thin wool pants and a nice shirt.
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What is your size and where do you get your shirts now?
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Size 17, I have shirts from Barneys, Emma Wills, Paul Stuart ...
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Are you interested in custom? Better fitting shirts will likely do more for upgrading your look than more expensive off-the-rack shirts. Michael Andrews Bespoke is one option that's reliable and has been around for years (ignore how tacky their website is - their branding is an awful interpretation of wall street flashy, but they make nice clothes and the sales people are good at guiding people to the right level of fashion-y but not over the top), but there are tons of custom places now and I imagine other people will have recommendations too.
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You're looking for Epaulet.
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Epaulet is EXACTLY what I am looking for. Any more?
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Modern Anthology
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