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I'm looking for some good radio streams from the early part of the 19th century. I love to have it on in the background during the day.

I'd love to be able to listen to what was on the radio right this moment in 1938 on the BBC or something like that. Probably no later than 1965 or so. But any continuous stream from around the world would be interesting. I'm not looking for downloads or archives, those are easy enough to find. I'm looking specifically for some continuous streams.
So far I've only found:

Hopefully you guys know of some others! Thanks!
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Antioch otr has been streaming for years and plays a variety of otr genres from the US, but they try to play shows that aired on this day in history.
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Grr- I was going to recommend Sugar in the Gourd but damned if they didn't shut down for good barely a week ago.
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If you're having trouble finding early 19th century radio, that could be because radio wasn't invented until the early 20th century. If that's the term you're looking for in your searches, that could be the reason you're not finding results. If it's just a typo in your post, carry on.
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Check out Yesterday USA. They have two streams, not 100% OTR but mostly that.
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Radio Dismuke for sure, and Classic Banjo Radio (So-called Classic style banjo is quite different than the old-time/country/bluegrass music most people associate with the instrument these days, very much in the late 19th/early 20th century pop music idiom of rags, marches and cakewalks.)
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WKHR in Celebeland has a good livestream.
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US Radio from D-Day.
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On reread, sorry; my links above aren't streams of original live broadcasts, they're streaming random selections of music from the period. Radio Dismuke does throw in occasional early 20th century radio ads though.
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When I google: old time radio streaming
I get lots of sites that look likely. But I trust that you have done that?
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Yeah I've gone through and used my Google-fu, and yes it was just a typo and I have not been searching for 1800's radio. And also this is what I need! Thank thanks thanks!
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