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I picked up a Buffalo Wing habit down in Texas. Now I live in NYC. So does my friend Tony. We need wings.

So while in Texas my friends and I became habitu├ęs of a local wing joint. It was not fancy wing joint but the wings were done right and the beer was cheap (cheap beer is very important). I moved back up here a couple years ago and fortuitously my 'wing man' (har har) Tony moved up soon after. We've been frequenting Wing Bar in Carroll Gardens; when it's good it's perfect but honestly it's been a little spotty lately and we think it's time to move on.

But a good wing joint is hard to find! The best ones are usually tucked inside sports bars but we're not sports guys. I don't want to have to resort to a chain restaurant. Please tell me where you get your wings.

-Dang good wings, not too pricey
-Cheap beer (seriously- Bud Light is our optimum wing-eatin' beer)
-Non-pretentious atmosphere.

I live in Brooklyn and he's in Queens, not that it matters; good wings are worth the trip. Y'all are invited. 'Preciate ya!
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Don't have any specific recommendations, but I do find that with enough beer and spice, the sports part of sports bars ceases to matter.
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Do you restrict yourself to American-style wings? There are places like Bonchon in Koreatown that aren't too expensive.

(And then, for a special occasion, the wings at Pok Pok in Red Hook are amazing. They don't fit into your cheap-nosh-and-brews plans, but you really should give them a try some time.)
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My favorite is Bar Coastal on 78th and 1st. It will be a little bit of a trek for you, but totally worth it. They definitely have cheap beer too. If you end up there absolutely order some waffle fries.

They have a nice open side porch that is perfect for an afternoon of wings and beer.
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I hear the wings at Buffalo's Famous are good, though I haven't tried them yet. It's a nice little place with really friendly service.
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If you're ever in the suburbs, The Beechmont In New Rochelle has some of my favorite wings around. It also happily fulfills both of your other requirements. We've been known to skip midnight mass on Christmas Eve to go have wings instead. Which is just like Christmas.
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Blondie's on 7th street in Manhattan has good wings!
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