Is blocking someone on Facebook really a permanent action?
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I unfriended and blocked someone on Facebook and we’ve since made up but I can’t refriend him even after unblocking him.

I simply don’t see him and he doesn’t see me even if we look for each other by our email addresses. The only way I can actually see him is if I go to the Block Users section, type his name in and hit Enter. Then I get a list of all the people of that name, and he shows up. Clicking on his name to open his profile returns the error “Sorry, this content isn't available right now”. I tried reblocking him – which worked, he was listed as a blocked user - and then unblocking him, which also worked - he disappeared from the list, but the issue persists: weeks later, I still can’t see him in the user search or send him a friend request. I’ve written to Facebook to report the problem but only got a generic response.
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Maybe he has you blocked?
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Response by poster: To answer that question: no, he showed me a screenshot of his blocked users section - he does not have anyone blocked and has not blocked me in the past either.
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Facebook has what is effectively a "cooling off period" associated with unblocking someone. I'm not sure how long this period is -- I think it's around 48 hours -- but during this period, even thought the person is no longer blocked, Facebook will treat it as though they are still blocked. Since you just reset the clock, you will have to wait several days.
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Response by poster: Sorry to threadsit, but I reset the clock weeks ago.
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Do you have access to a desktop? I have seen people have problems doing this on mobile.
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Response by poster: Yeah, all this was done on a desktop.
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Under Privacy settings, there's a "Who can look you up using the email address you provided?" setting -- do you (and he) have it set so that you'd be allowed to search for each other?
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Did you "refriend" them after you unblocked them? I think blocking them kicks them off of your friends list so you and they would only see whatever was available to non-friends (after this colling off period which I hadn't heard of before)
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It may also help for both of you to clear your caches. He also may have you blocked despite sending you a screenshot...
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