Scandinavia related gift ideas for Father's Day
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Looking for a Father's Day gift for my dad related to our upcoming trip to Scandinavia. Need help with ideas...

As I asked about before, my family is traveling to Sweden, Denmark and Norway in a couple months. And my dad is getting excited. I want to make him even more excited by getting him something for Father’s Day. Something I can give him related to the trip (or Sweden particularly where we’ll be going first). But I’m not great with ideas and he’s hard to shop for.

He already has pretty much everything he needs to pack. He travels relatively often (although never outside of the Americas).

Books don’t really work since he’s dyslexic and it takes him a long time to work his way through a book.

I can’t take him to dinner or to a show or anything since I don’t live in the same state.

So I’m a bit stumped. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Maybe something from Hemslojd?
posted by Ostara at 8:08 PM on June 9, 2016

Maybe a Kringle from the Solvang Bakery?
posted by brujita at 8:26 PM on June 9, 2016

The Kay Bojesen wooden monkey (Danish design)?
posted by AwkwardPause at 8:36 PM on June 9, 2016

One of those hideous Scandinavian jumpers? Ideal for dads!
posted by biffa at 11:50 PM on June 9, 2016

Dyslexia rules out many books but how about an atlas or a photography book?
posted by Nerd of the North at 1:43 AM on June 10, 2016

What about movies? There are lots of interesting Scandinavian films, with a handful of recent big-budget American remakes. Maybe you can find something he would watch on the plane.
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a Fjällräven kit or laptop case? Their stuff lasts forever. Oh oh and if he likes murdery tv series maybe a few DVDs of Varg Veum (Norweigian), Beck, Wallander (Swedish) or Bron (the bridge, Danish/Swedish) might be right up there. Theyre are all awesome and highly addictive.
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