I'm looking for gift ideas for a surfer.
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Hi! I have a friend who has a birthday coming up. Male, in his 40's. Loves to surf. Lives on his sailboat. Any ideas? Something that can be ordered online is best, I don't have access to stores. Price range <$100. Anything you can recommend that is surfing related, or useful on a sailboat would be greatly appreciated!
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Gift card to West Marine?
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My mom would always put together care packages of snacks from Trader Joe's for her friends who lived on a boat. They had very little space so didn't want more "stuff", and limited ability to do anything in the kitchen so were happy to have flavorful, novel, fun, no-prep food to eat. If you can't make it to a store I'm sure you could put this kind of thing together online. Otherwise, I agree that a gift certificate is the way forward here; you shouldn't get non-consumable presents for people who live on a boat.
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I've learned not to buy avocation-related things for people who take their avocations seriously. Gear is too specialized for me to guess right.

I like town of cats' suggestion for Trader Joe's foods. I'd go with food, gift cards to restaurants he might frequent on land, or good booze/beer/wine if that's his thing.
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I like Jamestown distributors as much if not more than west marine for boat gear. Consider a gift cert there.
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Does he already have either a St. Christopher's medal or a pacific carved fish hook necklace? Both are popular surfer flair representing protection from the ocean's dangers. If you go for the hook, try to find an indigenous-made one instead of an imitation.
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I'm a surfer. If your friend is really into surfing, then it's tough to figure out exactly what would or would not be the gear he's looking for. You could try to do some investigation to figure out the answer to that question, or you could buy him a gift certificate to a local surf shop your friend could spend as he pleases. Another option would be a gift certificate to a nice restaurant--if you wanted to tie it into your friend's life, you could find a restaurant that specializes in any dietary issues he has or promotes, or if he doesn't have an special dietary needs then go for a restaurant that serves sustainable seafood.
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A little out of your range but Trace is a surf tracker or just a 10 pack of wax Surfers always need wax
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Light bathroom reading (it's a great book)
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I can't imagine he doesn't already have one, but if not, he needs a copy of This Old Boat.
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He might enjoy William Finnegans highly acclaimed memoir that came out last year: "Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life", which recently won the Pulitzer Prize.
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