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I make a little bit of money on Flattr each month, and want to transfer it to a bank account. A transfer to my Sallie Mae money market account was rejected; seems they don't accept transfers in Euros or may need some handholding to set it up. What's a decent US bank (preferably of the internet bank variety) that will accept money transfers from the EU in Euros without a lot of bother?

I used to withdraw from Flattr to Paypal, but that stopped working half a year ago. The amounts are small enough that I don't care much about the exchange rate.
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IusYou can online forex trading accounts to get paid by clients in different countries and currencies. The ones I use are OFX and CurrencyFair.
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I did not take kandinski's suggestion, although it was probably a good approach.

What I did in the end was pick the biggest national bank I could think of (well, one of the two) and opened an account there. The bank was large enough to not bat an eye at international money transfers in Euros, and converted them to dollars automatically (at some unknown rate) before deposting into my account.
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