Why does my Windows 10 box switch to French on every restart?
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Every time I start my Acer laptop (Windows 10), its default language (on every program as far as I can tell) is French. But this is not what it says in my Region + Language settings, where it says English (Canada), with English (United States) as Windows display language.

The problem first occurred yesterday, and not while rebooting. I think I hit the wrong key combination (or whatever) and suddenly I was getting unique French characters etc. The problem was easily rectified by hitting Shift/Alt, but now, every time I restart my computer, it's back to the French.

Again, there is no mention of French anywhere in my Region or Language settings. And thus, I remain perplexed. Why has this suddenly happened?
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and yes, I have done a fair amount of googling on this issue, but can't find anything specific to what I'm experiencing. Not an emergency, but a concern ...
posted by philip-random at 10:24 AM on June 8, 2016

I have had similar problems before. I think I fixed it with the "language bar" settings. Do you see a little FR in the bottom right side of the taskbar? Click it and change it to EN.
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I can't even get my language bar to show in my task bar because, according to Microsoft, I would need to have more than one language loaded for it to do so.

Like I said -- perplexing.
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I bet that "English (Canada)" is your problem. Try setting it to "English (United States)".
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and ooops. I just found the Language Bar -- looks different than it used to. But it is ENG -- with the default "English Canada multilingual standard keyboard" ...
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Chocolate Pickle - that seems to be it. Switched to United States and all seems as it should be.

the default "English Canada multilingual standard keyboard"

Trudeau's probably to blame.
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Pere, not fils. Had the same problem with the exact same solution on my work computer.
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