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I've been reading a book in which a US-like military and its organization are frequently discussed, and I'm curious about informal traditions and unspoken rules within the military, like how commissioned and non-commissioned officers feel about each other, how certain ranks defer to one another in certain circumstances, why sergeants are (apparently) hated by privates, and all that. Any good FAQs, guides, blogs, that sort of thing?
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For Marine specific stuff, read a lot of Terminal Lance.

Not exactly encyclopedic, but a lot of good enlisted culture stuff there.
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War is Boring has great articles that can touch on these things....

Aviationist has a lot of back-office type posts concentrating on air power.

Google up examples of how the military treats current Medal of Honor winners still in the services. There are some fun stories about Generals saluting the Medal of Honor recipient and other very non-traditional military rules surrounding what to do when in the presence of a MOH recipent.
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