Head-to-head code testing platforms?
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I am looking for a platform that would allow me to engage in friendly competition with my programmer friends. I'm aware of sites like HackerRank and TopCoder where you can complete challenges against a set standard or against the rest of the user base generally, but I'm looking for a platform where I could compete specifically against friends. As in, myself and my friend are both given the same challenge, complete it on separate machines, and then the platform evaluates each solution and declares a winner.
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Bootstrapping what you want sounds like an excellent competition.

You could work up an automated end user test suite and then compete to complete the project.
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CodeFights sounds like it fits!
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There are variations of "program a robot tank to fight your buddy's robot tank" for just about every language out there, (CRobots, RRobots, etc) if you want literal head to head competition. A quick google shows RoboCode seems to be still relatively up to date, except for the sourceforge hosting :/ http://robocode.sourceforge.net/

see also Battlecode, from MIT: https://www.battlecode.org/contestants/about/

or program ant colonies to battle other ant colonies: http://ants.aichallenge.org/problem_description.php
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