Dress-spotting from the past?
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Some years ago I spotted an almost certainly designer dress (blue, maxi, sleeveless, buttons) on the sidewalks of Manhattan. If possible, I'd like to ID it so that I can stalk on eBay/resale sites.

To the best of my recollection, here are the specs:

- 5+ years ago, summer
- Maxi dress (ankle length on the girl I saw wearing it, but then again anyone with that kind of $ probably had it tailored)
- Dark blue, possibly navy (not a "bright" blue like cerulean)
- The dress had buttons all the way from hem to neckline! I want to say they were luxe, like tiny gold buttons, but I'm not positive. I also can't remember whether they were on the front or back.
- Fabric/drape looked knit, not too heavy, I would guess some kind of really nice jersey
- Had a gathered waist, but can't speak to whether it was a single seam waist or if there was a band
- Tank top: scoop neck (not TOO deep) & sleeveless. I don't remember strap width but I don't think it showed bra straps. Or cleavage.

No idea on pockets
No idea on whether there was any other trim (i.e. ruffled hem or the like)

... and even if the dress isn't positively ID'ed, I'd still like to know anything similar that I can stalk for this summer. Thank you in advance!
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Not the same dress, but given that description, you may be interested in this dress that I've been stalking for a few weeks.
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What neighborhood were you in?

How old did the person look? What was their vague aesthetic identity? Trophy wife? Hipster? Well-to-do mom?

What time of year was it? How did they have the dress styled? (with what type of shoes, other accessories/jewelry, how was their hair done?)

Any other context clues?

Designers and brands are so heavily correlated with demographics and identity that it would probably be easier to guess this based on who the person was and where you saw them rather than "I remember Anthropologie selling a long dark blue maxi dress five years ago".
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This dress ticks all the boxes except I can only find it in green? It's a Cynthia Vincent dress from Barney's.
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So, something like 1, 2, 3?

The "almost certainly designer" factor is tough-- we're probably talking about a $200 jersey maxi from Shopbop that might have looked very good, but wouldn't have been shown on a runway (and thus archived for easy perusal today).
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Sara C, you're 100% right! Alas, my fashion-fu has gotten weaker now that I no longer live on the East Coast :(

Ananci, I'll keep an eye on that! HMMM.

More details, as best as I can:

Soho. June or July. We were both going into the Prince Street station.

The person was East Asian, probably late 20s. At the time I pinged her as a creative professional who didn't necessarily need the income. Long hair, big sunglasses, strappy gold flat sandals. No hat, no belt, didn't notice any jewelry.

She had some kind of very nice leather crossbody/shoulder bag--didn't look like Chanel but that general area. At the time I I thought Marc Jacobs but couldn't tell for sure.
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