Captioning a video?
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I would love to upload a video to Amazon's Direct Video service

I have completed all the necessary steps, but the hangup is that they do not allow distribution of video without captioning.

The project is a small documentary I made many years ago and though I imagine there will be very few people that would ever watch it, I thought it would be fun to have it available on Amazon.

Is there any way to get this thirty minute video documentary captioned for free or for a very low sum?


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I was curious about captioning and a quick search gives a bunch of info, the biggest is the time element being about three hours of transcribing. Is there a script, that'll cut that down. And perhaps you would not need to be super accurate?
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Are you looking for someone else to do the captioning, or for DIY tools? And are you looking for a .srt file that can be uploaded along with the video file (creating closed captions) or for hard-coded open captions that are always on-screen no matter who is watching?
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FWIW I have been able to use MeFi jobs for small transcribing projects and you could get something like this done for $50 or less unless there are strict formatting requirements.
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I've used and for work, both around $1 a minute. You'll get both captions and a transcript. In my experience the text is very accurate, even for niche/technical content.
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Thanks all, sounds like might be perfect!
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I used rev and the project was done in about 24 hours and cost $1 a minute. I am amazed to be honest, it is exactly what I was hoping for. Very surprised that I could not find it when I did my googling? Oh well, now I know. MeFi does it again!!
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