Funny lingerie for a bachelorette party?
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So I'm going to a bachelorette party this weekend and I'd like to buy the bride to be some funny lingerie. Complication though - I need it by Friday, so I want to buy something in person (not online). I'm in NYC.

I think she would be embarrassed if I bought something that tried to actually be sexy, so I'm leaning more towards something silly. Like a goofy costume or something. I'd rather not go to somewhere gross and porn-sy like Fredericks of Holywood (no offense if you like F of H! Just.... she would be horrified.)

I live in NYC and I have two more days to find something, so if you can suggest anywhere in Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens, that would be great. I get my own lingerie at great places I trust online but....A. I dont think I'd get it in time, and B. those places sell quality, expensive stuff. I just want to drop $30 on like, a wonder woman bra or something.
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Edible underwear?
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It would be only quasi-lingerie, but since you're leaning goofy: how about a funny costume-type piece from an inexpensive costume shop, like a faux fur bikini?

(I had found a link to one that was likely in a shop on Manhattan, but I think I navigated away before posting the comment I was writing - if you search for "faux fur bikini" or "bikini fur costume" I'm sure you'll find good ideas. The first link I found had a blue fur bikini top, matching bottom with fur pieces on the hips, and I think blue fur leg warmers also).
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check out the Forever Lazy. I think they are at Bed Bath & Beyond.
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They make adult Underoos. You can buy them on Amazon, too. Quick shipping should get them to you on time.
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Here's a Wonder Woman set with prime shipping...
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Back room of almost any Ricky's.
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What does her groom do for work, or as a hobby?

I once went to a bachelorette party for a (very low-key) woman who was marrying a civil engineer. I made her a bra and undies set out of some mini traffic cones (purchased at a sporting goods store), a Do Not Enter sign and a bunch of chain. It went over REALLY well. Tee hee.
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Put normal (totally inedible) underwear in packaging for edible underwear. Tell everyone but the bride-to-be.
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For the love of all you hold dear, check first with close friends that she'll find the present fun.
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You can also go low key but useful. They make pretty underwear and/or camisoles that say "bride," etc.
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The pleasure chest has candy bras and gstrings made out of the same stuff as necco wafers and valentine hearts.
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