Bosch dishwasher beeps at end of cycle, will not stop, losing my mind
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I just bought a house with a Bosch dishwasher, model SHX56B06UC/14. It's the kind with the buttons on the top of the door, no display, so it has an end-of-cycle beep. And it will keep beeping every 10 minutes until you go turn it off. This is a problem, since we generally start the dishwasher at the end of the day, right before we go to bed.

I found the manual, here, and followed the instructions on page 38 to turn off the beep. Got the display to zero, figured it was done. Next load, I learned that it was still beeping. Confirmed that it was still set at zero. Went through the sequence of buttons that the manual says to use to turn it off again, yet it still beeps. I do not know where to go from here. This thing is going to drive me mad if I don't get it to shut up.

Google seems to tell me that people do have a lot of trouble getting their Bosches to stop beeping, though it seems like mostly it's people who haven't bothered to read the manual. I have read the manual. My only hope is that someone here has encountered the same problem as I have who can advise.
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Not a beep solution, but can you set the dishwasher for delayed start so it is actually just finishing when you wake up? Then the endless beep becomes a wakeup call...
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Response by poster: That'd be a good solution if I didn't have a little kid that I try to avoid waking up before I leave in the morning. Somewhat relatedly, here's the funniest "advice" I came across when Googling this question: If the dishwasher didn't beep you would actually hear the swearwords its saying. If you have young children in the house I would defintely keep the beep.
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Flip the breaker switch for the circuit the dishwasher is on. It probably has a software "power" switch. Killing the power at the breaker will truly turn it off and force it to reboot its little brain.
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From that link, just turn the beep volume way down
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I've twice had this problem with a couple of washing machines and was helped by customer service, it took a while to get through to the right person but eventually I got help. In the second case it was because the German model of the same machine was completely different, which was why following the English instructions hadn't helped.
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Response by poster: Cosmicbandito: yes, I've seen that link. Those instructions are the same as are in the manual. I've tried doing that sequence twice.
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I've cut the wires on appliance circuit boards to stop beeping. Not sure if you feel up to taking the dishwasher apart, but you can totally cut the beep out. (If you decide to take anything apart please turn the breaker off first.)
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Cosmicbandito: yes, I've seen that link. Those instructions are the same as are in the manual. I've tried doing that sequence twice.

Have you tried lowering the volume to 1 or 2 instead of zero, to verify whether the instructions don't work at all or just don't work for setting it to silent?
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I've only had experience from cutting the wires to the speaker on a KVM, rather than a dishwasher, but I wouldn't recommend it. The problem with the "speakerectomy" that gregr suggests, is if the device is designed with the speaker to be connected, cutting the wires can make break things electrically.
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This looks promising, as it's from an actual appliance repair person:
Reproduced here, in case that site goes offline:
For most Bosch’s, this sequence will turn off the incessant end-of-cycle signal. If it doesn’t work on yours, consult the tech sheet in your dishwasher (co-located with the schematic):

Open door, push and hold Delicate/Econo button, then turn the dishwasher on while holding Delicate/Econo button.
Release Delicate/Econo button.
If module beeps, then end of cycle tone is on. Press Delicate/Econo button to disable tone.
If module doesn’t beep after button is pressed, then tone is disabled.
Turn off dishwasher to save selection.
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Response by poster: Although that advice is basically the same as in the manual (the delicate/econo is the third cancel button on the right) I did it yet again last night. No beep. Display shows zero. Yet I ran another load and it still beeps when it's done.

Guess I'll see if I can either talk to Bosch, or find more suggestions in different manuals. I'll also see if I can figure out which breaker goes to the dishwasher to do a hard reset.

Failing all that, I'll try the speakerectomy.

I'll update here if I have any success, so if anyone else out there has the same problem they won't tear their hair out like I've been doing.
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I eventually opened up our Miele dryer when I couldn't figure out how to stop the incessant beeping and pumped some silicone sealant into the speaker. The volume went down to "barely audible". I'm a bit weary of snipping wires or trying to unsolder circuit board components.
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