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Are there any tattoo parlours that do temporary tattoos in Berlin?
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Do you mean temporary like henna or temporary like airbrush?
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Do you mean temporary like henna or temporary like airbrush?

Either one, actually— I guess which ever lasts longer if there's not a significant price difference. Or if the one that's more expensive lasts significantly longer, I might go for that.
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Tattoo shops anywhere do not generally do temporary tattoos of any sort. You're probably best served by looking for 'body paint' or 'henna' or some other specific service.
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Professional henna artist here...

Yeah, seconding the fact that tattoo shops do not do temporary tattoos of any sort. I'd even be hesitant about them using henna -- as those I've seen generally do NOT use safe and natural henna, but instead use the dangerous and toxic-laden so-called "black henna", as they find it easier and don't want to be bothered with actually learning how to mix safe and natural henna paste the right way.

If you are interested in having henna done, please search for a proper professional henna artist that mixes their own safe and natural henna paste. They should be able to show you photos or a portfolio of their *own* work, not the work of other artists "that they can do just as well"...

Depending on the quality of the henna, where it was applied on the body, how long the dried henna paste was kept in place (generally a minimum of 4 hours, up to 8 hours), the skin chemistry of the person it was applied to, and how well it was taken care of (henna aftercare) -- the henna stain should last anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Exposure to extensive water (such as bathing/showering), or chlorinated pools will significantly lessen it's lifespan.

Hope the above info proves helpful!
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