Bootstrap theme for corporate, intranet application ?
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Interested in recommendations of a Bootstrap theme I could buy which would work for an intranet application deployed in a reasonably conservative environment. More inside ...

I just want a theme which will make things look a bit less 'bootstrappy' . What I've got is essentially a CRUD application for Finance people.

When I look at theme markets (eg they seem very focussed on a 'shiny' look and feel. Lots of 'landing pages' and 'control panels', also a tendency to assume you've probably got a 'website' rather than an 'application' . I realise for many who need to attract customers to their site/app that is good but none of that is any use to me and in fact it would be viewed negatively by the end users.

I just want plain old forms/lists with some sort of tweak on the standard Bootstrap look and feel that make it a bit less bootstrappy !

Any ideas ?
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WrapBootstrap is definitely focused on shiny stuff. I'd suggest getting something from ThemeForest (relevant search for "bootstrap admin"). They have a lot more variety and the few I clicked on looked reasonably professional looking.
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