My iPhone 6S keeps needing to reboot to connect to LTE?
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I have an iPhone 6S that hasn't gone through any sort of damage, all of a sudden I've needed to restart it/power cycle to get it to connect to LTE. What's the deal? WiFi works fine, but I'll either get No Service or 1x, reboot and I'm fine for the day. I have no idea what I need to do to get this working correctly, any ideas?
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I'm also on Verizon if that matters.
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I've had a similar but less severe problem with my iPhone 6 on Verizon, for what it's worth. Every week or two my phone will get into the state you describe. I've noticed that switching airplane mode on and off has a similar effect as a restart, but is much less disruptive (and only takes a second or two, as opposed to a minute or more).
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Yeah - I'd try airplane mode-ing it too if you don't get a fix here. But the Apple recommended solution for any network weirdness is Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings .
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Seconding the airplane mode trick. Every iPhone I've had has sometimes refused to recognize a signal I know is there, usually the microcell I have at home. Airplane mode for a few seconds, then back, usually fixes it.
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I had this happen to an iPhone 3GS (a few years ago). It would lose the 3G connection and I would have to power cycle it to get it to work. Since the 6S came out less than a year ago, it should still be under warranty--I'd take it to an Apple Store and they'll most likely swap it for a new one. That's what they did with my 3GS.
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Try holding the home button and the on/off button until the phone restarts. I believe this is meant to reload the most recent configuration from the cellular provider. Also you might want to check, at one time you could have a phone auto-select the carrier...perhaps you have a competing carrier on a close tower that is causing your phone to auto switch...
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This happens infrequently with my 5S. I recycle the power and that usually fixes it for a few weeks.
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