How is babby foot unformed
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I'm in the shedding-like-a-snake middle of a Korean Foot Peel, and it absolutely, positively needs to be finished in 48 hours. Help.

Started a "Baby Foot" Korean peel on Monday, which is gross and wonderful and much needed before sandal season. NOW I have to be barefoot on Sunday, For Reasons. Leaving my socks on is not an option.

YANMD, YANMAesthetician. What's the best way to get this lovely shedding finished by Sunday? I've been soaking my feet twice a day, which is helping, really not sure what to do beyond that. Pumice? Moisturizer? Razor shaver?

Thank you
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Exfoliate from now til then with those scrubs that have pieces/beads in them.
Then on Sunday, exfoliate as much as possible before your event, and then slather on the heaviest moisturizer possible (vaseline or aquafor something) to discourage more pieces from falling off and contain the skin that does start flaking.
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I have heard that soaking your feet regularly in very warm water for 15 - 20 minutes at a time helps accelerate the peeling process - people who take baths tend to have better results than shower-takers for this reason. So I'd most likely try soaking in a tub of warm water twice a day, and moisturizing like a mofo in between (slather on good ol' Aquaphor, put on some socks you don't mind ruining).
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Exfoliate! Use something like Lush's Ocean Salt scrub or even one of those giant tubs of facial scrub, rather than a foot file (I find the scrub is easier on my feet). Then moisturize thoroughly - I love Lush's moisturizers - and wear socks to bed. In the morning, exfoliate some more.
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I am prone to having my hands and feet peel due to my medical condition. Consuming aloe vera supports the process and speeds it along. And some aloe vera drinks aren't vile. Don't overdo it or you may find yourself chained to a toilet as excess aloe vera can promote diarrhea. Just have ONE aloe vera drink today to support the process.
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Personally, I would try a few rounds each of: 'dry brushing,' long soaks in warm-hot water, and then an Amazonian Clay mask (using Apple Cider Vinegar rather than water, for PH reasons. I'd probably add a little raw honey as well.) I hope something works!
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One of those foot grinders as my husband so elegantly calls them. That's the brand name one but there are scholls & all sorts of cheaper ones out there every drug store has them. Or go get a pedicure. Yes it's a waste of a foot peel but needs must, if you remove the layers of skin it soaked into it will stop your skin peeling.
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That foot grinder above looks like a delicate thing an those peelings sound oh so soft and tender. Maybe you need something more abrasive before you start polishing? In woodworking you start of with a coarse grit size, too.... no?
For the thicker cuticle I recommend a nice off-brand microplane. Do not mess with dainty cosmetic products, get a huge one for the kitchen. (Don't use it for food prep, only foot prep.)
Foot grinder afterward, then peeling, then moisturizer. (But I know nothing. I'm just a guy whose round heel turns into a wedge like thing from time to time from wearing shoes)
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Be careful, whichever method you choose. I pulled at a tiny flake once and, um, more came off than I expected. There was blood. I would not personally use a microplane-type device on peak babby foot, I would choose a hand-applied method that allowed more control. And soaking, of course.
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Soak your feet for 15-20 minutes and rub them together while you're doing it. Repeat as necessary. Don't use anything more abrasive than a washcloth to exfoliate or you could rip off new skin and from my experience, that really really really fucking hurts.
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