Beating Summer Bloat
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How do I deal with bloating which seems to take place in hot/humid weather?

I am looking for ideas and things that have worked for others. The temperature went way up here in the last few days, and it's also humid. I was really bloated today,especially around my abdomen.It's a little better now that I am home with the AC on and have been drinking water/tea. Any other things to try generally?

current habits:

-get plenty of vigorous exercise
- generally healthy diet- no dairy or gluten (don't digest those well); I try to avoid excess salt and sugar as well as fried foods (I probably most have a problem with sugar at this point but I do try to keep it down)
-rarely drink alchol
- I find that drinking dandelion root and peppermint tea helps. I like tea- any others that are good?

Any foods I should avoid or eat more of? Will it help to be in AC as much as possible, or is that bad somehow? Should I try to sweat more? Should I drink way more than normal?

Thank you!
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I just stay the heck inside all summer. I keep a small fan blowing on my bare feet under my work desk (or sandals if I have a client in). I sleep with a small fan on me and while I sit around the house. I run my Ac in the car full blast. I keep ice packs in the freezer at home and work to keep my core or sweaty parts cool.
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Any artificial sweetners in your diet? They can cause bloat. I think you are looking for diet change in hot weather, whatever it may be.
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Bloat is usually caused by sugar and yeast together or too much salt. Since these don't seem to be your problem, I wonder if you aren't allergic to berries or something that is just now in season, that you are now eating? At any rate, you've stated that you have digestive issues so if you aren't on probiotics, you may want to start them. If you are, then stop them, as they can sometimes cause bloat. Drink more water.
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Do you eat more raw veggies when it's hot out? That can do it for me.
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My hands and feet swell something fierce in the heat. I try to stay in the AC as much as possible and keep well hydrated.
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That you're avoiding excess salt stands out; is it possible that as hot as it is, you're not getting *enough* electrolytes? Try a few days of more potassium and sodium and more water in the hopes that you can get some of the excess flushed.
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