What was/is this job title?
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Ages ago I worked at Office Depot. I briefly trained with a back office person and I'm trying to remember what her title was. She was the person who collected all the cash and receipts from the cashiers and made sure everything was in order. I think she organized all the deposits for the managers to take. And probably set up the drawers with the correct amounts and denominations for the cashiers to start out with. And I think she made sure there were credit card receipts for all the actual credit card transactions, etc.

By any chance, has anyone held this position or something similar? Is this a bookkeeper? Accounting assistant? Something else? I'm working on a job application and I'm describing my cash handling experience. I want to say "I trained with the store's [job title] to do these tasks." I poked around on the Office Depot job listings but I'm not seeing anything that rings a bell. Thanks in advance!
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I did this (and more) at a Bennigan's about 30 years ago and the position was simply referred to as "admin", which I assume was short for administrative assistant. I don't think the title matters as much as the description of duties.
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Admin (not administrative assistant) or controller. I did this for a year, it was kind of a fun and strange job regularly handling 50-100k cash.
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At my former grocery store, this was known as "cash manager."
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I previously had a job like this and was called the 'front end controller'.
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Aboard a ship she would be the "purser", but I don't think that Office Depot adopted Royal Navy titles.
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At Macy's before they were Macy's it was "Cash Office Assistant Manager" and the Cash Office Manager trained me.
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Back in the day at Stop and Shop I did this and I think tilde has it right.
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tilde's got it. I worked at JCPenney and we used the same job titles. Informally, the room was called the "cash room."
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In the supermarket I worked at this was called 'cash office'. We had a 'cash office manager' but the rest of us just said 'I work in the cash office'
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At one place I worked, this was the Retail Accounting Clerk. It was shortened to "Rack"
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At a theme park/amusement park where I worked the department was referred to as "Cash Control". I don't remember a specific title for the employees of that department but they performed exactly the duties you described.
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I did this exact job at a small grocery store in the late 90s, as well as cashiering and training cashiers, and my title was Office Manager.
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The retail places I worked usually called this person the Head Cashier.
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Depending on how high up she was on the management ladder, she might have been a comptroller (it looks like a typo, but isn't).
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Thanks y'all. I appreciate the help! Cash Office sounds close. I think I'll go with Cash Office staff.
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