Looking for eBay consignment/selling assistant/service in Boston area
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I'm looking to sell a bunch of miscellaneous electronics and kitchen appliances and want some help with it. Ideally, I'd like to turn over all the boxes to someone who can handle the entire process, keep a commission, and pay me the remainder. I'd like to be able to physically bring the boxes to someone in the Boston area (near Cambridge ideally) because there are some large and heavy items.

I know eBay has a Valet program, but I've read poor reviews of the service and not sure if I trust it. Also, you need to ship items to them.
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I have used eBay Valet. It was fine, not great.

The good: All I had to do was put stuff in a box. I got some money sent to my PayPal account.

The bad: there are several downsides, I'll itemize:

1) They refused to sell many items that "can't be verified to work" including things like a brand new replacement air filter (it's a brand new consumable part, what more can be said?)

2) Their listings were low quality (e.g. overly brief, didn't always include the model number)

3) They sent so much stuff back. They sent back brand new tire chains because they "couldn't verify the manufacture date" - they're chains, they've never been used, they have a current model number, I don't get it.

If most of your stuff is worth ~$100+ and there have been several sold recently on eBay, eBay Valet would probably be a good bet. Just be prepared to wait ~3 months to get some of your stuff back, unsold.
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