Advice on releasing a domain I no longer need
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I went to namecheap tonight to give up a domain I no longer need. It expires in 20 days, so I figured I would just get rid of it now.

The response was that I had to either let it expire, auction it, notify them if I was releasing it due to some legal procedure, or give it to them.

I get it, they just want to know that I understand what I am doing. But do I? Is there any advantage or disadvantage to me trying to auction it? How would I dream up a price?

Only other question on this topic I saw was from 2007 and that was someone who accidentally let their domain expire. I'm the opposite case.
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There's no drawback to letting it expire. You can however list it on SEDO or Afternic if you like; you have nothing to lose and they have tools to help you price it.
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It's ten bucks a year to keep it. Keep it until they pry it from your cold, dead hands. (Or someone comes to you with an offer you can't refuse.)
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Just let it expire. And don't listen to notyou. Domain squatters are bottom feeders. If you don't need the domain, maybe someone will make good use of it.
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One thing to note is that domain squatters will basically pick up any domain that expires and try to auction it, on the logic that if someone paid for it once they'll do it again and/or to extort a person who accidently let it lapse.
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Another possibility is that someone picks it up, and uses it for spam/SEO purposes or just straight up serving malware, capitalizing on its good reputation from the time you were using it - had this happen to an old domain I let expire: We were using it for a limited time research project, and I happened to check up on it some years later to find it serving a poorly build website, obviously thrown together with content copied from around the web. People searching for the distinctive name of our project would end up there, and it wasn't very clear this was not the official project website.

Of course it's not your responsibility to look after an old domain in perpetuity, but if you could turn it over to someone who you know will put it to good use it's not a bad idea.
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Looking back in my records I see that I bought this .us domain for $8 in 2014, and there appear to be minimum commissions to sell it (I looked at SEDO for instance).

So in this case I'm going with the "let it expire" option. But I appreciate you all taking the time to share the pros and cons of each option with me!
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