So My Teeth Are Falling Out - Need Periodontist or Dentist?
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IKYNMP, am in need of some major decision making right now and am in a loop. Need some clarity and if you know a lot about this subject please help. I am in Israel right now and don't know where to go, who is good and qualified and even what kind of help I should go for as preliminary care.

Been through a lot of dental work in the past. Have been in some pretty bad situations with a few of them. Am completely wary at this point of who's who and what's what. So am turning to the hive mind for some good advice before proceeding.

I need to know if I can get by going to a dentist with knowledge of periodontal or do I have to go to someone who is a periodontist? I already had the xrays done and took them to one dentist who does laser surgery of planing he said he could go under and clean everything up and then work on the teeth, pull a few and put in a bridge. That sounded feasible till he gave me the estimate of 1000 dollars just for the laser work. I thought that was a bit high and started to do some searching. This is where I'm getting confused.

Should I go for the laser?
If not, what is the most important thing to do at this point?
What qualifications do I look for in a practitioner? What questions to ask?
Falling teeth - one tooth - near upper canine is very loose. It might fall by itself, what should I be doing about that till I can get to someone who can do the work?
Need recommendations in the Tel Aviv area.

Thank you!
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With age and wear, teeth fail. What exactly does the dentist propose to do with a laser, because it's not like he has can save a tooth with one. It's still going to be expensive to get a bridge, however.
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Memail. I can potentially put you in touch with a group of great folks who can guide you.
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I had treatment very similar to this last year. Gum disease, aided by years of heavy smoking, had caused significant bone loss, and I had to have several teeth extracted, and we did the laser surgery thing. This is basically an alternative to the older style surgical treatment for gum disease.

What exactly does the dentist propose to do with a laser?
Proposes to burn away diseased flesh, calculus, and bacteria infested evil that is causing bone to recede and leading to tooth loss.

$1000 is not excessive for this. But it is the'll want to be sedated for the procedure. Then there's temporary bridges. That's not cheap. I have to go to the periodontist's office for cleanings 4 times a year. They can't even unleash the full horror of that until the laser thing and extractions have healed up for a year - they are still cleaning only above the gum line. When a year of healing has gone by, then they can see how much bone there is and look at options for implants or permanent bridges. So they pretty much own my ass at this point. I'm looking at 4 or 5 thousand over about 18 months of various treatments and interventions. Probably closer to 10,or higher, if we can do implants next year.

I had pretty advanced bone loss and gum disease. Your situation may not be as bad. I do not know to what extent there are dentists qualified to do this stuff; mine referred me to a periodontist. ("So. Do you want to keep your teeth? Is money an issue?" isn't what you want to hear...)
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Can't help with anything except a recommendation: Dr. Jaffaly Khaled at Dante clinic in Yafo has been wonderful to me and my family. If it's a concern, I know he speaks English but I'm not certain how well.

If Yafo is inconvenient or you have more specific requirements for the dentist (kupah, nationality, language, etc) I could rustle up some other suggestions from friends elsewhere in the merkaz, just memail me.
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I know nothing about Israel, but $1k per periodontal surgery is what I've paid in the past / about to pay again this year. I'd definitely recommend a periodontist to do the work.
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Thanks everyone. Am in the process of getting this sorted out. Am grateful for the help :)
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What, if any, medications do you take? I had issues with teeth falling out. Then a new doctor explained that the Dilantin I was taking to prevent seizures caused this.
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I got the laser surgery in NYC and cost was around 2k, with only a little help for the puny thing that gets called dental insurance.

Before I got it done, I got a second opinion confirming that I needed it.

Between laser and non, laser all the way. So so much better for recovery.

I had my year check up earlier this spring and got a thumbs up. But yeah, still going to need more cleanings.

But I have this one mouth, and I could afford it (not easily but not painfully).

So, 1k sounds very reasonable to me but I would feel better with a second opinion. If you don't already know about it, Janglo can be a resource for referrals and connections for 'Anglos' in Israel.

Good luck!
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Come to think of it mine was closer to $2k than to $1k but that included extractions.
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